Hello I'm

Farzaneh Maddahi

I tried a lot of technique but those that satisfy me are color pencil, water color, and oil pastel. Also, I have an interest in oil painting.

I enjoy putting every detail of an image in a way to make it more tangible and touchable.That's why most of my works are hyperrealism.

By looking into one of my portraits "salar" you can see the sunburn effect of a man by looking in the eyes of him after a long day working on his father farm.

More Of My Paintings



name: Salar

water color on arches paper ,21x29 cm

its my first experience with water colour,his eyes are amazing and the effect of sunburn on his face tempted me to paint him


name: baby girl

color pencil on fabriano paper ,21x29 cm

just her Innocent eyes ...


name: red rose

water color on arches paper ,21x29 cm

It tooks a lot of time to satisfied me and i enjoy painting the softness of the petals.


name: Silent Plain

oil pastel on canson paper ,50x70 cm

color pencil ,29*21 cm

I really like the way that i put the colors and try to fade it with my fingers.