Commission Portrait

Portrait of Professor Arjan van Der Schaft commissioned from RUG University

A portrait painting can be a unique and personalized gift for the person who received it and the person who gave it.
this precious gift is for the person, and it will gain value over time.

Considering my years of expertise in portrait painting I can assure you that everyone will be amazed by the quality and especially those who know the person’s portrait personally will express their feelings at first look at the painting.

There are various steps for creating a portrait. I will make sure that every step of this process goes professionally. From the beginning of taking photography and suggesting different figures, I will be with you to make sure that result will be of perfect quality.

Choose a photo

You can commission a portrait through a high-quality image of your subject, or we can arrange a one-day photo shooting which I will capture photos myself.

In the one-day photo session I will bring necessary tools and I will capture multiple photos from different angles considering different contrasts and figures. Afterward we will choose the final image together while I will help you to choose the suitable image.

If you have your own image, we will ensure it is suitable considering the subject’s quality, contrast, figures, and pose. I will give you a thumbs up if your image is suitable for a commission portrait.

Choose a size

Your painting can vary in size, affecting the final cost. The smallest available size is 50×40 cm while the ideal size is 50×70 cm.
Based on your image and the size that you will choose will affect the price and the duration of working on your painting.
It is important to note that every commission will be delivered without a frame.

Duration and Delivery

Considering size and details of the image the time of delivery may be different.
The shortest possible time for completing a portrait is 1 month and 14 days.

When the work on your portrait is finished you will get an invitation to come to the Atelier to see the result up close. Here you can confirm and finalize your purchase. You will take the portrait with you and prepare it for the reveal ceremony or other events you plan.

It is worth mentioning that every detail and finished artwork depends on the quality of provided reference image. If there are any changes requested from you after your portrait has been completed, you may include an additional fee and increase the final cost.

Costs and Payment

Considering Image details and size of the painting cost may be varied.

Currently the smallest available size which is 40×50 cm will start from 1700€

For all paintings I am using high quality material including the oil colors and canvas. The canvas is a high quality strong and firm wooden panel with linen which makes every painting highly resilience and colors will remain sharp.

I will also apply varnish on your work and will communicate with you to apply a permanent varnish 6 months after finishing the work.

To finish the commission procedure, you need to pay 30% of the final communicated price upfront. Afterward, you will notify me about the date on which I will start to work on your portrait and communicate when it is complete.

The remaining amount of the commission should be paid when you want to take your painting.

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